Contouring Text

This CorelDRAW video explains how the Cut Contour feature works.


This video shows a quick and easy method to duplicate objects/designs within CorelDRAW.

Fitting Images to a Template

Useful for Sublimation templates, this video explains how to fit images in to a pre defined template.

Fitting Text to a Path (X3 and X4 Only)

This video shows how to position text on a set path. Please note that later versions of CorelDRAW differ slightly.

Installing Roland VersaWorks Palette

The Roland VersaWorks Palette in Corel Draw includes the CutContour spot colour used for cutting artwork, this is necessary to create cut lines on artwork.

Using the Contour Tool

This video will show you how to use the Contour tool within Corel Draw to create cut lines and add bleed to an image to mask slightly misaligned cuts.

Adding Cut Lines to Vector Objects

This video will show you how to use add cut lines to vector objects, this is done using the ‘Boundary Tool’ which is an incredibly useful tool which is often overlooked.

Preparing for Perforation Cutting

How to create the PerfCutContour colour and add this to a swatch, this spot colour is required for performing perforation cutting.

Welding Tool

This video shows how the welding tool works, which comes in useful when creating images ready for cut or print.

Preparing Artwork to Create a Cut Line

This video explains fully how to use CorelDRAW to create an outline from a bitmap image.

Manually creating a cutline within CorelDRAW

This video shows how to manually create a cutline, this method is very useful when images are of too higher detail or of poor quality and therefore cannot be traced.