Using Queues

This video shows basic queue operations within Wasatch.

Color Atlas Generator

Color Atlas Generator allows you to create a colour library allowing you to accurately colour match.

Spot Colour Replacement

This video explains how to use the spot colour replacement tool. Using the Color Atlas Generator can help to identify colour codes for accuracy.

Hot Folders

Hot Folders help to create an automated workflow. This video explains why you would use a Hot Folder and how to set this up.

Cost Estimator

How to use the built in cost estimator.

Variable Data

How to use Variable Data within Wasatch.

Pop Your Color Part 1

Part 1 explains how to change the Input Profile to make your colours much more vibrant.

Pop Your Color Part 2

A continuation to Part 1. This video explains how to change the default settings inside Wasatch SoftRIP to make every print stand out.