Start Up Guide

Establishing an optimal print environment before setup can assist in maintaining consistent desired output and optimal results when printing. When setting up the Sawgrass VJ-628, be sure to review The Sawgrass VJ-628 Start-Up Guide for assistance with preferred location, temperature and humidity as well as safety tips and warnings.

Getting To Know The ValueJet Status Monitor

Learn the features and functions of the ValueJet Status Monitor (Installed with VPM Installation).

Preventative Maintenance and Cleaning

As with any printer, preventative maintenance should be part of a daily practice. Without preventative maintenance, consumable parts may become strained or worn, the life of the parts may be cut in half and poor production may result. To keep the Sawgrass VJ-628 running at optimal performance levels, be sure to follow the Basic Preventative Maintenance and Cleaning on the Sawgrass VJ-628 video recommendations.